Visit our winery

For all food and wine tourism enthusiasts, the Campagnola winery offers guided tours and tastings within the estate. You will be fascinated by the breathtaking view that will open to your eyes in every season, you will touch the atmosphere you breathe and you will have the opportunity to grasp the precious secrets of this emotional journey that starts from the vineyards and ends in the bottles.
Breathe, touch the cellar spaces, be able to taste local products together: Campagnola is more than just a company, it is a welcoming home for all those who come here to hear the narratives of hands that work and of faces with stories to tell.

The production process

The harvest

In Valpolicella the harvest is more than an essential stage in the growing of generous grapes. For this land, the harvest is a genuine expression of life, a way of being together, an event that makes everyone a part. A feeling of community is passed from family to family, generation to generation. A tradition held high for 110 years. Keeping a love of the land alive in the Campagnola family with a love of work and of its fruits.


Balance and experience in the drying method developed by the Campagnola family are the key to producing Amarone and the great red wines of Valpolicella. After an attentive harvest and careful selection of the vineyard’s finest grapes, the ripest bunches are carefully placed on special trays that will remain in modern drying rooms for three months and more. During this time the relative humidity and the ventilation are constantly monitored to ensure the perfect degree of raisining. The grapes thus naturally get rid of their aqueous component, acquiring more concentration in aromas, acidity and polyphenolic complexity.
It is in the drying loft where the whole magic happens!


The natural completion of the Amarone production process is ageing. Its duration varies according to the methods and times imposed by the grapes bringing to an evolution of color and aromatic profile.
The Barricaia, the ideal space for aging great red wines, is probably the most evocative part of the cellar; here lay 700 French oak barrels from Allier that contain the finest wines for the delicate aging process.
Ageing in wood, which may be in great barrels in Slavonian oak or in modern French oak barriques, encourages adequate elevation and helps stabilize the color through a slow exchange of oxygen from the outside air.
Unrepeatable wines elsewhere, it is from this harmonious combination of commitment and passion that come to life here.